Why We Love Spirit!

Tessa Bell - Rider

My daughter Tessa has been going to Spirit Therapies for about 5 months now. No other therapy we have tried has done more to help her. In this time I have noticed many positive changes in her. She has gained strength and considerable coordination. Her efforts to communicate have increased by way of increasing eye contact and a difference in the way she makes noises to try to tell us something. Probably the most rewarding is that she seems to smile more often. I believe that many of these things can be attributed to hippo therapy.

The only way we are able to afford this essential therapy is through Tessa's loving and helpful grandparents and great-grandparents. For Tessa's sake, I hope that we can continue this therapy without it becoming more of a financial burden than it already is.

Kevin Bell

Spirit Therapies has provided such an incredible experience for our special daughter, Tessa. She has been participating in hippo therapy for about five months. Tessa is five years old and has Rett Syndrome, she was diagnosed when she was two. For the past three years we have experienced various therapies and services for kids with special needs. Spirit Therapies has been the first that she has shown noticeable improvement and enjoyment at the same time. We look forward to many more months, years even, of hippos therapy, but having a child with special needs can be a financial burden for families. Our family is no exception, and this also includes our extended family. The only reason we are able to continue with hippo therapy is because of the support of grandparents and parents who, like us, want the best for Tessa. This has not only put a financial hardship on us but also the extended family members helping to support us. We will continue to do what is best for Tessa and try to provide her with the things she needs. To have some of this financial burden lifted would help our family tremendously.
Melissa Bell