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Research has proven that exercise and interpersonal interaction produces profound benefits for disabled individuals working to reach their full physical, mental, and social potential. Spirit Therapies is dedicated to helping the individuals served to discover their dreams and goals, which will help them to expand their physical and mental horizons, allowing them to be the best that they can be.

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Our horses are specially trained four legged therapists who help our riders improve their lives through physical contact, exercise, and interaction with others. The therapy they receive impacts every area of their lives with physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits.

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Oftentimes, we have people tell us that they want to help out the Spirit Horses, but that they can only donate a small amount. They ask us, "what can $10.00 help?" We say, it helps alot! ANY amount is a huge help for the horses, no amount is ever too small! Hay is one of our biggest expenses - won't you consider becoming a Hay Angel today?

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