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Therapeutic horses take a lot of training, good care and maintenance in order to perform well in a therapeutic environment. These horses are all donated and are usually older horses or horses that may have a disability themselves. Their interaction with the volunteers, instructors and riders gives them a new lease on life.

Sponsor one of these wonderful animals; we guarantee it will provide overwhelming gratification. They are gentle giants who do wonders for our individuals with special needs, the volunteers and even the instructors.


  • Feeding grain and hay
  • Worming 4 times a year $50.00 per horse
  • Hoof Trimming every 4 weeks
    total of $350.00 per horse
  • Specialized Trimming every 4 weeks
    total of $850.00 per horse
  • Special Vitamins: $100.00 per horse
  • Vet Costs (shots and dental) $500.00 per horse
  • Miscellaneous Costs: Halters with names on them, lead ropes, grooming tools $75.00

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Sponsor a Horse