Our Spirited Mustang


Oliver is an 9 year old Mustang. His mother was in foal and captured in the Red Rock Recreation Area and was taken to the Oliver Ranch in that location. She foaled in captivity; thus Oliver! Jean Miller who is 83 years old, purchased Oliver from the BLM when his mother died in captivity. She has raised him from 6 months old. Jean felt at her age it was time to find a new home for Oliver and thought he would be a good therapeutic horse so she donated him to Spirit Therapies.

Oliver is adjusting to his new companions and new surroundings. He is very friendly, loves people and will be an asset to our program. Right now he is a typical teenager and is in training to become a therapeutic horse.

Come and visit Oliver; he loves to receive attention. Oliver thinks he is a barrel horse, but actually we think he is the rodeo clown!