Hay Angels
Help Spirit With Our Largest Expense

What is a "Hay Angel"

Spirit couldn't exist without our hard working therapy horses and you know what? It takes a lot of hay to keep these guys going . . . plus grain, plus veterinarian care, plus vitamins (not Flintstone, but the horsie kind) and our older horses need special "old guy food & supplements" to help them keep their weight on and to stay heathy. Wow!

That's why we have set up the Hay Angels Sponsorship where you can help out with the cost of the hay, feed and supplements for the Spirit Therapy Horses. You can become a Hay Angel for as little as $10.00!

Your $10.00 tax deductable donation will help buy hay, feed and supplements for the therapy horses. It's a little amount that adds up to alot for the horses and you know that your money is going directly to buying a badly needed item.

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Your Hay Angels Sponsorship Will Help Purchase the Following Items

  • Hay - Grass Timony (2) tons per month = $650
  • Grass Pellets (1) 50 lb bag per month = $12.95/bag
  • Old Horses Beet Plup (2) 50 lb bags per month = $15.95/bag
  • Salt Bricks - (1) case per month = $34.95/case
  • Rice Bran (10) Purina 50 lb bags per month = $13.25/bag
  • Vitaquin Vitamins (1) 50 lb bag per month = $34.95/bag
  • Joint Supplement (2) bottles per month = $29.95/bottle

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