Board of Directors
Spirit Therapies, LLC
Laurie Willmott
Founder, CEO, Executive Director
Laurie is a bright bubbly blonde who grew up in Minnesota loving children and adoring horses. Although she didn't have a horse of her own until she was well into adulthood, she knew that somehow she had to combine her two passions in a way that would help the world become a better place.

First and foremost a mother and grandmother, Laurie's natural sense of nurture is just one of the attributes she brings to Spirit Therapies. She is entirely invested not only in children's recovery and therapy, but also in their day-to-day lives. Every rider has a special place in Laurie's heart, and if you look closely, it's not uncommon to see a tear fall from her eyes when one of "her kids" has a breakthrough is a session.
Cliff Bynum
Clifford Bynum was born in San Bernardino California in 1953 and moved to Las Vegas in 1967 with his family. Clifford and Debra were married in 1975 and celebrate their 36 wedding anniversary in 2012. They were married 25 years when they adopted their daughter Callie as a new born who is now 12 years old. Callie has "Anglemans Syndrome" which is a genetic birth defect with symptoms of epilepsy and sensory challenges.

Cliff was employed in the mortgage lending industry for 23 years and since 2006 has been a care giver for his Mother and also involved in the Health industry as the owner of a Juice Plus+ franchise, helping people get healthy with whole food nutrition, changing lifestyles to prevent disease and if they chose to create a very lucrative business of their own. Cliff is also very involved with his church, River of Life Ministries, as a Minister, Worship Leader and heads a Men's Ministry.
Julie Nelson
Previous President
I am originally from England, grew up all over the world, due to my father being in the British Military. We lived for many years between Germany and the north of England, and did a lovely 2.5 years in Hong Kong.

I came to live in Las Vegas in December 1994.

I have raised my four children here, who are now all grown.

I have always had a passion for horses, as a child I used to belong to the British pony club. My ultimate dream was to and still is, to one day own my own riding school and teach people to ride, I find so much joy and freedom in riding and wish to share that passion and feeling with others.

I came across Spirit Therapies in May 2013, and have never looked back!

I am working on becoming a certified PATH Int�l riding instructor, so I can start my dream of now helping those with disabilities, through equine therapy.
Sharon Dameron
I currently live in Henderson, NV. I moved here 14 years ago from Southern California after retiring from the Department of Defense as a Senior Auditor.

I've had horses most of my life and was ready to get reinvolved with them when I found Spirit Therapies. I knew I had come home. I have been volunteering for 3 years now.

I have since purchase my own horse, but continue to pursue the passionate work of Spirit Therapies. I am currently Vice President on the Board of Directors, committee member on the wine tasting fundraiser and continue to volunteer.

My hope and prayer is to continue to do so for many years to come.

Pam Oberschelp
I moved to Las Vegas from the Dallas/Fort Worth area in August 2009 and found Spirit Therapies my first week here. My husband and I had volunteered for an equine therapy center in Texas and I knew it was something that I wanted to continue to be involved with. I have a disabled nephew and a close family friend who both benefited from equine therapy, and I have long been a supporter. I love being involved in helping disabled children and adults and seeing the progress they make. I am also an animal lover with some horse experience, having "leased" horses for a few years when we lived in central Illinois.

I am a mid-westerner originally from Kansas City, but since I married Jeff nearly 30 years ago, we've moved all over the country. We have 2 grown daughters, one of whom is studying to be a veterinarian. I currently work part-time as an accountant for a property management company. When I'm not working or volunteering at Spirit Therapies, I enjoy playing golf and hiking.
Janet Wall
My childhood was spent as a part-time cowgirl in Bakersfield, CA, where I learned to ride horses with the best of them! Following my father's footsteps into the legal field, I pursued a career as a paralegal, working in various types of law. I relocated to Las Vegas in 1997, and continued my legal career at Mpower Communications, a local telephone company, where I managed the Legal Compliance Department.

Throughout my life, I have had a love of horses, and a soft spot in my heart for helping people in need. I found Spirit Therapies, and it was a perfect fit! I am thrilled to be able to use my love of horses to help the children who come to Spirit for their therapy. As a young girl, I was lucky enough to have been given my own horse, and that horse became my childhood. At Spirit, I see the wonderful relationships developing between the "Spirit kids" and our amazing horses. Watching these bonds develop, and the miracles that occur, truly fills my heart. Volunteering at Spirit Therapies fulfills both my love of being around horses and my desire to help make a difference in the lives of our deserving kids.